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Why work with Sector 7 Apps?

We work with Phoenix startups and businesses in strategizing, designing and developing their web applications and mobile apps.

At Sector 7 Apps, our Team has the knowledge and skills to develop applications that meet or exceed your business and user’s needs. You won’t have to worry about communication across state-lines, as all the help you’ll need is in our downtown Phoenix office. You’ll be able to meet and interact with all members of our talented team through the process of creating your app.

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The only way to develop a web app or mobile app that addresses your business goals and solves current pain points, is by developing a clearly defined goal, strategy, and business plan. Our team has the strategic expertise to ensure your app thrives, whether your audience is in the local Phoenix area or the broad national market.

Mobile App Development (iOS & Android)

Our Phoenix app development team consists of product strategists, innovative designers, and top-notch developers, who specialize in iOS and Android mobile applications. From first concept to launching and maintaining your app on the app store, our team will see your vision and purpose all the way through.

Custom Web Application Development

As a custom web app development company, whether you’re an existing business or a startup, we deliver not only mobile apps but also web app development services. You may need an Admin Dashboard for Business to Business apps, an app landing page for promotional purposes, or any other kind of web app to compliment your business venture. In many cases the web application can also be used to provide the same functionality as the mobile app, but for browser-based applications as some users may prefer to use a browser-accessed app.

UI/UX Design Services

If you need a UI/UX design services company, we approach UI/UX design by considering your business needs and target audience, so that we can deliver solutions that drive engagement and conversions. Whether you need a complete redesign of your website or just want to improve the user experience of your mobile app, we are here to help. Our UI/UX services include user research, wireframing, prototyping, and testing, all aimed at creating designs that meet your business goals and exceed your users' expectations.


Continuous updates and improvements will keep your app ahead of the competition in today’s ever-changing market. Making sure we continue to optimize and enhance your mobile application is crucial to ensuring you are staying ahead of the curve and capitalize on the ever-evolving app user.

Our Process


Identifying the practical uses of your app

Defining Scope

Making the strategic decisions your app needs


Designing how your app will look, feel, and function


Coding your app to deliver a prototype and final product


Delivering your app to the people who will use it

Maintenance and Growth

Optimizing your app to keep you on the cutting edge

How We Roll

The App Experts From the Valley of the Sun

At Sector 7, we live for the challenge. Our Phoenix-based app development team has the experience and skills to help achieve your business goals. We have the proven, results-driven team that can create and follow through with making the app that brings your users value time and time again. We’ve utilized and improved upon industry standard processes to develop our own unique concept-to-launch process. We pride ourselves on delivering quality applications efficiently and effectively.

Our passion for technology, design, and development differentiates ourselves from the rest of the pack. The Sector 7 Apps team has adopted a growth oriented mindset that helps us keep up to date with the business environment and changing digital landscape.

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